Stage Whisper (stagewhisper) wrote,
Stage Whisper

Whole week without posting = bad form

My excuse . . have become clinically addicted to MySpace. I'm not proud, but neither can I deny it any longer. It's taking over my waking hours and I even dreamt about it earlier this week.

Come say hi and be one of my select band of exclusive friends (Johnny Nae-mates!) . .

Or come listen to the wonderful and beguilling sounds of The Recovery Club, fall in love and leave a 20 word review . .

Elsewhere . . in the "real" world . . Gav and Frances' wedding this weekend. Gav was my best man (nearly SIX years ago!) and is/was the drummer with theoceanfloor. I am being an usherette in a tartan skirt and my wee girlie's being a flower-girl. Photos may follow :)

Have a nice weekend now.

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