June 13th, 2007

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Ah . . you know you're in for a red-hot passionate evening when the love of your life summons you to the bed-chamber with the words "..and bring the sudoku and the gaviscon!"

Who says romance is dead?!

To explain (partially at least) - one of the many pieces of news which I have neglected to bring to you in my long LJ neglect is that I am to be a dad again. Early September is the rough ETA. And Christine is suffering badly from that nasty pregnancy side-effect which is HEARTBURN FROM HADES!

Doesn't explain the sudoku though . .

So . . yeh . . many months have trotted by with nary a peak over the LJ parapet from me. No excuses . . we just needed some time apart . . or whatever.

Not much else of major import to impart . . just had lovely holiday in the Outer Hebrides (see below) . . continuing to write and record with the wonderful Recovery Club . . OH, but I did discover yesterday that I have a Bebo page which I have absolutely no recollection of creating . . and NO I'm not too old to have one - when I scanned my e-mail address book to see who else I know has one (i.e. everyone!) I found that family friend dear old Kenneth Bell (aged 60!) has one too. What does a 60 year old do with a Bebo? What do I do with a Bebo?!

More soon - meanwhile here's Uist...