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I break my long silence for this profound musing..

We can only hope - for the poor child's sake - that Sara Cox's new baby Isaac will be going by a surname other than Cox! :)


Went to see Harry Potter at The Grosvenor. Fell asleep briefly. Coffee and Cupcakes in Tinderbox..

Went to GOMA for 1st time in ages. Slightly disappointing besides Warhol posters..


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Would anyone out there be interested (or know someone who might be interested) in illustrating a children's book?

I had this idea a while ago about creating a children's story which comes in the form of a beautifully illustrated book with accompanying CD - the words of the story also being set to music. It's still at an early stage, but the ideas are flowing and the story and music are taking shape. I've attempted to start illustrating it myself but have been dissatisfied with the results and wondered if there is anybody reading this who fancies having a go.

Thank you :)

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50 years to the day since John Lennon (pictured centre in natty checked shirt) and
Paul McCartney (not pictured) met for the first time, when the latter saw the former
playing with The Quarrymen at the Woolton Garden Fete.

Little did they know that 10 years later they'd both have dodgy taches and a taste for
lurid military uniforms.

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Ah . . you know you're in for a red-hot passionate evening when the love of your life summons you to the bed-chamber with the words "..and bring the sudoku and the gaviscon!"

Who says romance is dead?!

To explain (partially at least) - one of the many pieces of news which I have neglected to bring to you in my long LJ neglect is that I am to be a dad again. Early September is the rough ETA. And Christine is suffering badly from that nasty pregnancy side-effect which is HEARTBURN FROM HADES!

Doesn't explain the sudoku though . .

So . . yeh . . many months have trotted by with nary a peak over the LJ parapet from me. No excuses . . we just needed some time apart . . or whatever.

Not much else of major import to impart . . just had lovely holiday in the Outer Hebrides (see below) . . continuing to write and record with the wonderful Recovery Club . . OH, but I did discover yesterday that I have a Bebo page which I have absolutely no recollection of creating . . and NO I'm not too old to have one - when I scanned my e-mail address book to see who else I know has one (i.e. everyone!) I found that family friend dear old Kenneth Bell (aged 60!) has one too. What does a 60 year old do with a Bebo? What do I do with a Bebo?!

More soon - meanwhile here's Uist...